Are you tired of your pear-shaped body and would love to reduce a few pounds and flaunt those toned legs? Many of you would love to sport the gorgeous little black dress, skirts, capris but the lacking self-confidence makes you settle for the clothes that cover your legs, and you vow only to grab jeans or pants. The thickness of calves and ankles more than they should be is embarrassing and enough to slaughter your desires to carry the sexy look as that highlights your “problem areas”.
If you wish to attain this surreal dream of toned and slim calves and ankles, here is a list which includes 10 ways that you can follow and flaunt like a diva.

  1. Watch your diet

Bethenny Frankel got it right when she said “Your diet is a bank account. Healthy food choices are good investments”. It is important to intake proper nutrition and cut few things off to reach the goal. In this case, Sodium is your culprit, and you need to reduce the use of salt shaker as much as possible. When we consume too much sodium purposefully or not, our body retains more water and makes the parts of our body look “plumper” than usual.
Results of reduced sodium content in the diet is instant, and you would be able to make out the difference immediately.

  1. Are you drinking enough water?

To have slim calves and ankles, you need to start drinking more water. It is advisable to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water for overall good health, but one doesn’t realise that they are not drinking water and the body goes into self-preservation mode to save water for further use. So if you drink sufficient water, body move out of its self-preservation mode and releases water. As soon as the body starts releasing water, you start observing changes in your calves and ankles.

  1. Are you following a correct workout?

We start to gym with the intent to reduce fat of a particular part of the body but unfortunately the thoroughly planned plan can quickly backfire and your calves and ankles end up getting larger. The reason being, sadly, no exercise can burn the fat of a desired part of the body. Once you start working on a particular part instead of shredding fat, you end up building muscle making them appear bulkier.

  1. Exercises to avoid

For your desired legs there are certain exercises and machines you should avoid like the plague when you start working out or enroll in a gym. Avoid adventures like rock climbing or sprinting. The activities that primarily call for strength or speed should be prevented as intense cardio would eventually develop calves muscle instead of slimming them.

  1. Why don’t you give it a try?

Running is a potent progression when it comes to slim calves and ankles. Try to follow the technique of endurance running, which means run slow, but for a longer distance. Endurance running and cardio burns the fat from the entire body and slims down the calves and ankle fat keeping them toned and firm. Yoga, swimming, walking, cross training are excellent exercises to begin the workout.

  1. Watch the way you walk

Your way of walking determines the shape of your legs. For slim calves and ankles, you need to keep the heels down and should strictly avoid walking on the ball of your feet.

  1. Include dark stockings in your collection.

It is the time for you to add several pairs of dark stocking in your collection and the best part of it is you can team it up with dresses and skirts. The dark color makes your calves look thinner and toned. You can even try wearing the stockings a shade darker than your skin tone. This trick would create an illusion of slim legs without destroying the look of the dress.

  1. Sunless tan trick

It’s hard to wear stockings all the time, and hot weather makes it a dreadful experience. So the excellent alternative of the stocking is to sport the same visual trick by self-tanning lotion. The illusion will be same as that of the stocking without feeling trapped and sweaty.

The trick is easy to execute as the lotion works overnight and creates a very light tan all over, tan has been a shade darker for calves and ankles. Ta-da all they see is toned and skinny legs.

  1. Choose your Shoes wisely

The choice of words might seem offbeat, but your selection of the footwear does matter when the case is about your legs. Good shoes take you to right places. They either build or break an outfit, so a right shoe does matter to make your calves and ankles look skinner and slimmer.
For a slimmer look, avoid wearing flats, kitten heels, a shoe with ankle strap and chunky heels, rather, try teaming a dark colored shoe with a narrow heel or a dark-colored flat show without the ankle strap.

  1. The right skirt does magic

Yes, you have heard it right. It is time for you to come out of your cocoon and try the bold and flirty look. The right choice of a skirt for slim calves and ankles is full skirts that flow when you move. The only thing to be cautious is the skirt should not end on your calves or ankles. The choices to avoid are body tight and slim fit skirts. You can even sport mini-skirt or maxi-shirt, just the end of the skirt should be your best-looking part.

We wish we could say that it doesn’t matter how your legs look then we would be lying. It’s time to buckle up the seats and start the bumpy ride and “earn” yourself the respect to see yourself in the full mirror with admiration and confidence.

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