Morning routines of fitness gurus

How should you start the day so that you get everything done? Some of our top health and fitness pros reveal their routines to Ellie McInerney.

Australia’s top health and fitness experts lead incredibly busy lives, yet they still manage to keep in shape. having an impressive tolerance for wheatgrass shots, these fitness gurus also seem to have their morning routines nailed, so what exactly do they do to kickstart their day?

Amanda Bisk

Former Australian pole vaulter and health expert

Amanda says hydration is key when it comes to starting her morning. “Staying hydrated right from the morning is one of the best ways to promote mental clarity. When you can think clearly, this sets up a positive and productive tone for the rest of your day,” she says. “Once I’ve showered and changed, I’ll make myself a quick, healthy breakfast and while I’m eating, I’ll write in my diary. When things are written down you have a clearer picture of your expectations for the day and less chance of forgetting things, missing workouts, or just feeling anxious or stressed. You can also plan your day in a more productive flow; for example, you want to work out after work. If it’s planned in your diary in the morning, you can pack your training clothes and work out as soon as you leave the office, instead of making a trip home, getting sidetracked and missing the gym altogether because you’ve run out of time or motivation!”

Connor O’Leary

World Surfing Rookie of the Year

A Fitness First member at Wanda Beach, Connor is expected to be a world surfing champion one day. Although the popular image of surfers is of carefree folk who follow the whims of the waves and the weather, Connor’s day is anything but relaxed and unstructured. The 2017 World Surfing Rookie of the Year has a strict fitness routine that prioritises strength, so he can attack the waves with enormous power, and incorporates heavy flexibility and mobility training for injury prevention. In fact, injury prevention is the first thing on his mind when he wakes up in the morning. “The first thing I do is use one of those vibrating foam rollers,” Connor says. “I feel like that’s my new best friend. It kind of wakes everything up and it makes me limber and I just try and do that. After that, I have some coffee and hit the surf. Then it’s into solid training.”

Michael Cunico

National Fitness Manager at Fitness First Australia

Michael is the National Fitness Manager at Fitness First Australia so it goes without saying that he’s a busy guy. So what’s his number one tip? “I never press snooze,” he says, while stressing the importance of being determined when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. “I am very disciplined when it comes to how I start my mornings. I get out of bed when the alarm goes off and I make my bed straight away. It’s all about getting in those small wins and making your bed is an easy way to get the day started,” Michael adds. “Preparation is key. I prepare the night before – when I’m cooking dinner, I’ll make breakfast so it’s ready in the morning. Two days a week I do low-intensity training like yoga, so I won’t eat breakfast first, but when I do it’s already prepared.”

Alice Jane

Personal trainer at Fitness First Bondi Platinum

Alice is the queen of morning routines. Her busy schedule as a Personal Trainer at Fitness First Bondi Platinum means her mornings are jam-packed with clients and program designing – including the brand-new Fitness First SQUAD program. When asked about how she starts her day, Alice says her routine is what keeps her on track so she can get everything done. Check out her list of top priorities for every day.

1. Get up on the first alarm
2. Always make your bed
3. Go over your daily goals
4. Get in a killer workout the first opportunity that you get (don’t procrastinate – just get it done!)
5. Eat a healthy breakfast
6. Enjoy a morning coffee

DJ Williams

Multi-sport athlete marathoner and photographer

A former gridiron player, US-based DJ Willams is currently training for the Miami Marathon (a whopping 42.2km run) and manages a successful photography business. When it comes to fitness, he makes training a priority first thing. “I choose to train in the morning shortly after waking because it’s a time of the day that I know I can get into the gym with minimal distractions. You don’t necessarily have to choose to work out first thing in the morning, but you need to identify a time of the day that you generally have free of outside distractions and make it a point to hit the gym. I try to give myself at least 30 minutes to reflect and inject some positivity into my conscience. I read books, listen to audio, meditate, check uplifting social media accounts and check in with my support system. Not only does this fill your mind with encouraging thoughts at the top of the day, but it helps many deal with sleep inertia – the impaired feeling some experience shortly after waking up that is often confused with being grouchy. If you don’t allow yourself proper time to transition from being groggy to the state of being fully awake, studies show that sleep inertia can and will last long into the day.”

Isabella Hakin

Personal trainer at Fitness First Macquarie

Isabella is a dynamite personal trainer based at Fitness First Macquarie. Currently juggling a full-time PT career while finishing up her degree in Business, a solid morning routine is vital. “I make sure I go to bed at a reasonable time and that I get enough sleep to wake up at 4.45am feeling fresh and ready to conquer! Monday through Friday is very much the same – my first client is at 6am every morning,” she says. Isabella spends her 35-minute commute learning and preparing for the day. “I’m a big fan of podcasts. I listen to all things fitness, health, business and mentality. I take every moment I can to be as productive and informed as I can.”

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