Confused about what skincare products to choose next? Read on to learn all about what to choose for each skin concern.

How to enhance your newly established skincare routine and take it up a notch.

Welcome back- this is the second post in our series, sponsored by our friends at GLOWBIOTICS, on all things skincare, how to get started with a baseline skincare routine, and today, we are talking about how to take that up a notch with specific treatment products. If you missed our first post- CLICK HERE TO READ

You have your basic skincare regimen down and you’ve been on it for several weeks.  Your skin is happy and you are happy, but you keep hearing about other products that you aren’t currently using and are starting to wonder, should I be using a retinol or an antioxidant?

They answer is yes and there are so many products out there that can be adding real benefits into any basic skincare regimen.  If you are wanting the most simple am/pm routine here are our suggestions that are quick and easy, as well as some of our personal favorites for product picks from GLOWBIOTICS


Eye cream. Not just for eyes, but your eyes NEED this!

Once you start using an eye cream, you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing so before. 

Eye cream is a must. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more susceptible to damage. There are endless kinds of eye creams on the market but if you are looking for simple, and just want one that does most everything, look for an anti-aging eye cream that is a medium thickness. If it’s a heavy cream it will most likely not work great under eye makeup. Now, as you become more targeted and focused on this area different eye creams will be needed to achieve desired targets. For example, I use a day time eye cream that is lighter weight but has light reflectors to help brighten the look of dark circles plus it also helps fight fine lines. At night I use a heavier cream that helps with more hydration and really targets those pesky crows feet.

Once you start focusing on this area, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how your entire face shines brighter, and your eyes look less tired in general— it’s just all GOOD. Don’t neglect your eyes. 


Why do you need Retinol?

Retinol- what is it and why do I need it?

 If fine line and wrinkles are starting to show up, or you’re worried about them, this is the product of choice. In the medical skincare market, this is the most recommended product for anti-aging. It is a night time only product and a sunscreen is needed to be worn during the day. The best practice with retinols is to start with a more gentle version/percentage and work your way up as your skin adjusts. Using it every couple of days is also best if just starting with a retinol. You may see flaking and redness to the skin because of the potent ingredients but have no fear, your skin adjusts.


This is the Advanced Retinol Renewal Treatment that I use about every other night. It does not dry out my skin and I love the silky feeling of it. I’ve used strict Retin-A products in the past and they left my skin feeling immediately dry after application. Not this product. You feel like your skin is glistening after application, truly!!

Focus on Antioxidants, Especially Vitamin C.

Antioxidants- Usually this will be a Vitamin C serum or a light serum with Vitamin C and other antioxidants which help fight against free radicals that cause the damage to the skin. Stay tuned, we interviewed the founders of GLOWBIOTICS for the FitFluential Radio Podcast and in that show, David Watson talked about how potent Vitamin C is for skin renewal. 

My favorite GLOWBIOTICS Vitamin C product is this bad boy: The Advanced Vitamin C Brightening Serum. It is SO ADDICTING. Truly, I apply this at night before my night cream and in the morning before I finish with moisturizer.


A Couple Times a Week, Add a Mask or Exfoliation Product.

One of the most common questions we get on FitFluential Beauty is – how often should I do a mask or exfoliation treatment? 

Mask/exfoliation- these products are best used a couple times a week if you are using a topical.  If you are seeing your esthetician or dermatologists for a series of peels  that would jump start your skin, follow their suggestions. 

May we recommend? 

This is the GLOWBIOTICS Probiotic Clarifying Mask. Yummy. 

Treatment Serums do just that: TREAT skincare concerns.

Treatment serums- these vary on your skincare concerns. If you have sensitive skin like rosacea, a treatment cream that will reduce irritation and calm the skin is important. Ladies: notice this!!! Over-stimulating the skin will do more harm than good. GLOWBIOTICS Calming Restorative Treatment is perfect for these skin types.

 If acne is a concern a treatment serum that has salicylic acid and other acne targeting ingredients is a must. If you don’t know your skin type, a visit to your dermatologist or esthetician could be very helpful or call GLOWBIOTICS and talk to our customer service staff and we can help point you in the right direction.


Finish off with a Night Cream.

Ready for bed? Finish off your skincare routine at night with….you guessed it, a night cream. This may shock you but we are in love with our GLOWBIOTICS Night Cream. 

This is the Probiotics Moisture Rich Replenishing Cream and it is DREAMY if we say so ourselves. 

Heavier night creams- again depending on your skincare needs,  can help with adding hydration to the skin while the skin is repairing itself. All the damage to your skin happens during the day and while you sleep your skin repairs itself. As such, adding this additional level of moisture and nourishment is ideal. 


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