10 Tips to Reduce Morbid Obesity

Morbid obesity is a situation in which your body’s mass index is higher than 35. A person is considered to have morbid obesity when he/she is 100 pounds more than his/her ideal weight. Obesity is a chronic condition and there is no known cure for this, but it can be definitely reduced and controlled by following some basic tips. There is a device known as BMI calculator which measures body fat. It measures if you are overweight, super obese or severely obese. Anyone can use it to measure their own body fat. Here are 10 tips that you can follow to reduce morbid obesity.

Change your diet

The most common strategy used for weight loss is reducing the intake of calories. Whether you are 50 pounds or 100 pounds overweight, cutting up to 1000 calories per day can help you in maintaining weight. A dietitian can assist you in telling what is safe and what is not for losing weight. Mostly fatty foods and foods with high level of sugar can be avoided. You can start eating the foods which are low in calories. it helps in reducing morbid obesity.

Less alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is neither good for your health nor your weight. Alcohol also contains calories in it and it is important to cut it off if you want to lose weight. Alcohol also increases your diet and makes you eat more than your regular diet. Plan days when you can take a break from drinking and start drinking a little less.


Exercise is important if you are suffering from morbid obesity. It puts pressure on your joints and helps you lose your weight. Exercising daily also helps in burning your calories and it decreases blood pressure. Exercise daily and you will lose your weight, maybe in months or earlier.

Quit smoking

If you smoke then quit smoking. It is believed that smoking makes you gain weight. Nicotine is a component in cigarettes which suppresses your appetite and has numerous side effects. So stop smoking right away if you want to lose weight and make a better appetite.


Eat three meals every day. Have a heavy breakfast and eat light during dinner. It is recommended to eat less during the night because your body doesn’t burn many calories at night and it may get stored while you are sleeping. Start having three balanced meals every day to reduce morbid obesity.

Never give up

Don’t give up on reducing morbid obesity. Some people think that having morbid obesity is because of their genes. It is important not to give up and work on reducing morbid obesity. You just need to have a balanced diet.
Avoid the popular weight loss methods. Ignore all the instant weight loss methods as they include bad diet, pills and many more things which are not good for your health. Sometimes these techniques can have major side-effects, and you can gain more weight. So, avoid these weight loss methods, if you want to reduce morbid obesity.


Lack of sleep changes the hormones which control hunger. The condition when your sleep is interrupted affects the people who are overweight. You have to relax and rest as per needed.

Consider medication

If exercise and diet are not helping you, then don’t be ashamed to take extra help. Talk to your doctor about your morbid obesity and take additional medication. Make this your last option, if nothing else is working. It is better to consult a doctor when you are suffering from extreme morbid obesity.

Don’t take stress

Stop taking stress about your morbid obesity. If you will take the stress, then it will lead you to overeating. Chronic stress can increase your diet and will not help you in maintaining your weight. So if you want to get rid of morbid obesity, then stop taking the stress.

Obesity is a disease which brings lot of other diseases along with it, and morbid obesity is a condition of obesity which arises when the obesity gets out of control. It can be very dangerous for your life as it is the main root for so many health problems. So it is better to control and get over it. Follow the above given tips and you can surely come out of the critical situation of morbid obesity. You can also join some of the best personal training clubs around you for your betterment.

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